Research Areas

Southern Western gneiss region, norway

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Northern Western gneiss region, norway

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titanite torsion experiments

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Central fiordland, new zealand

Tracking the changing relationship between Mesozoic arc magmatism and deformation in mid- and lower-crustal sections of an exhumed arc; reconstructing a multiphase history of overprinting Cenozoic brittle deformation

Tools: Bedrock structural and lithologic mapping, structural analysis, U-Pb geo/thermochronology, trace element thermobarometry.

earlier research projects

As a Keck geology consortium intern and for my senior thesis at Beloit College, I investigated changes in sediment sources for tidal coves of the CT River estuary.

Tools used: Sediment core description, C/N analysis

As a USGS/NAGT intern, I assisted with a study of amphibian development and survival related to arsenic and antimony contamination in an area of active mining (Stibnite mine, Yellow Pine, ID); Additional experience included assisting with invertebrate sampling both in riparian habitat at the Stibnite mine and in areas of the northern Basin and Range province; as well as helping with a biomass study of sagebrush steppe plants.

Select tools used: water sampling, tissue sampling, ICP-OES